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Jessica McClellan
Indiana State Treasurer

Jessica is the elected Treasurer of Monroe County, running as a Democrat to be the next Treasurer of the State of Indiana.

Jessica for Indiana


Jessica McClellan was raised in Waukegan, Illinois by her mother Annette, a public school teacher, and her father Bill, a chemist at a pharmaceutical company. She came to Indiana University in 1996 and graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Ms. McClellan was elected Monroe County treasurer in 2017. She serves as the chief investment officer and tax collector for the 12th largest Indiana county and the 11th largest county budget. She serves as secretary of the Monroe County Board of Finance and sits on the Monroe County Internal Controls Committee. 

Ms. McClellan is a fixture in Monroe County Government, where she has served in the Commissioners’ and Assessor’s offices, gaining valuable experience in serving constituents across a variety of needs. After her election she quickly set to work modernizing the Treasurer’s office. When she started, the office vault held trays of mail waiting to be processed and not earning any interest. She worked with a local bank to set up a lockbox for county tax payments, achieving same-day-deposit for thousands of payments. She saved taxpayers additional dollars by bringing the lock box scanning technology in-house and training office staff to process payments the day they are received. She has shown exceptional skill in attracting and keeping talented employees by increasing training and improving office morale. She works tirelessly to improve communications with customers through better website transparency and outreach. She believes in providing service that makes contacting the Treasurer’s office a pleasure, not a hassle.

Ms. McClellan added U.S. Treasuries to the Monroe County investment portfolio in 2018. These investments increased interest income by over $250,000 since 2018. 

Ms. McClellan is proud to be working with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to connect taxpayers with grants for mortgage and property tax payments. The Indiana Homeowners Assistance Fund (IHAF) received $167 million in federal funding to assist homeowners who were negatively affected by COVID-19. Monroe County has had 24 applications, 4 approved applications and $25,323.60 disbursed.

Ms. McClellan is an active member of her community. She is the vice president of the Indiana County Treasurer’s Association, a member of the Association of Indiana Counties Education Committee and in her 7th year as a board member of the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, where she has served as treasurer for the past 3 years. Ms. McClellan served as vice-chair and treasurer of the Monroe County Democratic Party. She is a former treasurer of the Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indiana. She is a graduate of the Indiana Democratic Party Emerging Leaders Program as well as 3 different citizen engagement programs in Bloomington.

Jessica lives in Bloomington with her wife – a human resources administrator, her son – a high school senior, her daughter – a sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington, and their sweet old dog. She is a homebody at heart who enjoys reading about ancient Rome, sewing, gardening, and home improvement projects. She is an avid IU Women’s Basketball fan.

Jessica McClellan and her family


Investing more than $100 million in public funds.

Increased interest income by diversifying county investments.

Chief investment officer and tax collector for the 12th largest Indiana county and the 11th largest county budget.

Visionary in fiscal oversight and security. Improved county audits and record keeping.

Vice President of the Indiana County Treasurers' Association. 

Launched transparent property tax website for tax payers, title companies, real estate agents and investors.


Jessica McClellan is running for State Treasurer because she has a passion for efficient government and conservative money management. Cybersecurity, liquidity, and safety of funds are necessary and important focal points of the office. The State Treasurer’s office can offer programs that benefit Hoosiers. She has a vision for the Treasurer of State’s office and has the knowledge necessary to put that vision in place.

CollegeChoice 529 Plan

Increase educational attainment in Indiana by increasing investment in the state backed 529 CollegeSavings Plan. In 50 Indiana counties, less than 20% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree. A statewide commission to expand the 529 CollegeSavings Plan will lay the groundwork for growth.

Serve Unbanked Hoosiers

Decrease dependence on payday loans and high interest predatory lending, saving Hoosier residents hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating a network of affordable  local banks and credit unions.  A statewide commission comprised of state and city elected officials, financial institutions and community organizations will improve the financial stability of unbanked and underbanked Hoosiers.

Local Government Outreach

Serve more units of government with pooled investing and financing. Trust Indiana is an investment tool for all units of government that uses the pooled value of total investments to increase interest for all participants. The Indiana Bond Bank provides financing support to local government units, leveraging the efficiency of pooling projects and bundling financial services.

Hoosiers and Retirement

Achieve impartial oversight over our most valuable investments – the Police Pension Fund and the Indiana Public Retirement Fund. Create a state backed retirement investment pool for working Hoosiers who have no retirement plans through work.


I Can't Do It Without You!

Jessica wants to share her vision with as many Hoosiers as possible. Her campaign’s success depends on you.


The team at Jessica for Indiana is honored to have earned your support. Your campaign contributions are going to a grassroots effort to share Jessica’s message with voters. Voter outreach is our number one focus. Your help will fund direct mail, campaign literature and reaching voters in person across the state.

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